Watson4I am Yasmine, here at my blog you would find my views and opinions on music. You will also find an array of reviews, talking in detail about the tracks I loved and not so loved and so on. I started this blog to discover my passion of writing. And I chose to write about something I love. Now what I love the most in this universe is Music followed by my German shepherd, Tuffy. I always knew I would do something in music, oh I knew I couldn’t sing for nuts! But I always loved the songs, and wanted to talk about them. What better place to write my story than this?

One important thing would be that, am not here to promote or demote any of the albums or singers. They are all obviously great and that is why we are talking about them in the first place. This place is just a space where I express my opinions and thoughts that just keep floating in my mind when I hear a song. I am no professional critic and am entitled to my opinion on this blog. You are welcome to share your views on the topics I discuss, so fire away! Happy reading and would love to hear back from you.