Boy ba&B beats and – definitely JLS anytime!

boy's band

I was never into boys’ band, although I loved their solos and tracks, was never a fan of any, until JLS arrived. I always watch X factor, both US and UK. Most of the contestants are super talented and head to become stars. I had always supported JLS although Alexandra Burke outperformed them in finals. Oh she is a genius, which is a separate story. However I was gloomy for days together as JLS could not win the title. It was an absolute pleasure listening to their ‘Everybody in love’. With Pop beats which is breezy enough for anyone to feel good and lyrics which is mushy enough, it was never a surprise it topped the charts for a long time.

It just takes us to the Backstreet Boys kind of period on a rewind mode every time you listen to it. I also loved their ‘Beat again’. Their albums have always been this sweet and feel-good types. Always good to listen to when you are on a long drive or just in a mood to listen to something light. Am not sure if you would love it for years though, not the classic type if you know what I mean. But then I always believe in present happiness than the future bliss. So if you are with me on loving the JLS and are equally shocked with their split up then write back to me.

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