Cheryl Cole – for me, she is a sexiest voice too!

a legend singer

So how many of you were stuck with ‘3 Words’. Oh I was! Especially, Fight for this love. I was so hooked to the album that it was in a repeat mode in my iPod for a fortnight. It was almost an anthem for all the butterflies in love, perfect for a dedication. It was a rendition which was pleasant and instantly catchy, with the lyrics being simple and straightforward. A first solo track out of her band ‘Girls Aloud’ and so different from the bands early musicals as well, the track gained instant popularity and topped the charts.

The track also has focus dance with some stylish choreography. With a fashionista that Cheryl is, her outfits grab instant attention as well. While this remains to be one of my top favorites, I also love her second album ‘Messy Little Raindrops’. ‘Promise this’ was one of the tracks that again was an instantaneous hit among the teen girls. However her third album ‘A million lights’ did not do the magic for me. I like its single ‘call my name’ which was topping the UK charts at that time but somehow felt Justin Bieber who had had his album released along the same time had done more justice that time.

Her range is limited to mezzo-soprano and her albums are mostly in the Pop music genre. Another advantage of listening to her is the simplicity in lyrics; they convey a direct meaning and people could relate to it immediately. Also she moves really well to the tunes, having the required flexibility which is always a treat to watch. So when Cheryl releases an album, a fan could be sure of triple treats – great vocals, intoxicating lyrics and some catchy moves!

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