Hotel California – One track that I would die for!

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It got released in 1977; I still go gaga listening to the guitar interludes in the track. There have been several interpretations of the song and there are discussion threads still going on about this track. It has such a history. Am not a music critic but I would say I haven’t listened to a track up until this day which has such a beautiful section of guitar interplay. Every single time I listen to the song, I get the feeling, it has something mysterious which am yet to discover. The song tells the tale about the life in a city. It is rich in literary meaning thoroughly metaphorical and could be interpreted in most different ways.

The progression of chords in the song is super awesome and the chorus part is spectacular too. I am equally in love with their live performance of the song which had minor changes from the original track. The song would just be lovely for the instrumentals alone. What with the drums ad guitar beautifully executed. One would definitely fall with the vocals as well. Now it is not that common where a music lover falls for everything in a song, tune, instrumental progression, lyrics and vocals. This has everything and I could bet easily that this one song would be an experience that one would cherish for a life time. The Eagles were one band that I would listen to no matter what. I loved their rare gigs as well. I love their instrumentals and vocals as well equally! It is not a surprise that it bagged a place in 500 great albums of all time!

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