How Drones Can Be a Great Hobby for Girls Too

drones-girlsCars, trucks, and trains. When it comes to boys, give them any mechanical toy vehicle, and they’re happy for hours. Drones fall into that mix. Flying copters with four propellers via remote control is a boy’s dream come true. Some of the best quadcopters these days offer hours of fun but it’s a heavily male dominated hobby right now.

But girls can have just as much fun with drones. Seeing a drone seemingly float through the air will pique anyone’s curiosity. After watching the drone fly by, most girls will wonder about the mechanics and ask questions about the remote control. Soon enough, she’ll be begging to let her have a go at flying the drone. Here are a few reasons why quadcopters are great for girls.

Girls are great with their hands.

In as early as infancy, girls exceed boys developmentally in fine motor skills. Girls will figure out how to manipulate toys, eat with utensils, and write sooner than boys. Give them the drone remote control, and girls will figure out how to fly it, and fly it well, in no time at all.

Girls have better focus on details.

Female brains have better focus on details than their male counterparts. This gives girls an advantage over boys at learning how to fly them.

Girls are great at problem-solving.

Girls are better at using both sides of their brains when it comes to processing information. Because boys tend to use one side of their brains, girls are better at thinking of a wider range of solutions when they encounter a problem. When it comes to flying a drone, girls will think outside-of-the-box and figure out how to solve drone issues quicker than boys.

Girls will have improved self-esteem.

When girls enter into puberty, they start to get self-conscious which results in lower self-esteem. Emotional and behavioural problems may develop like depression, anxiety, self-harm thoughts and behaviour, and body image issues like anorexia or bulimia nervosa. Experts say that if girls participated in extracurricular activities and were interested in different hobbies, they will less likely have low self-esteems. These girls are less likely to suffer from the emotional and behavioural problems listed above. Flying a drone is a great way to boost a girl’s self-esteem.

Girls will develop their spatial skills.

Boys tend to have better spatial skills than girls. Flying a drone will help girls practice and hone their spatial skills to an equal or better level than boys.

Girls will practice their science skills.

If you get a drone that is not already assembled, your daughter will practice her science and engineering skills when she puts the quadcopter together. Putting together a drone requires reading and understanding the directions, following the picture tutorial, fine motor skills and spatial skills. The whole process will allow for the girl to understand the mechanics of the drone. After the drone is put together, girls will have more opportunities to practice their engineering skills when the drone requires maintenance or needs to be repaired after a quadcopter “accident”.

Drones are a great hobby for girls of all ages. Female youth have better fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial skills while being more detail-oriented than boys. Quadcopters give girls an opportunity to develop their engineering skills while improving their self-esteem. Move over boys, the girls are taking over the drone world!

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