Music – How much it matters!

listening music

When I listen to music, it takes to me a world of surprises, the one I would love to visit day after day, every day. I did not start off as a music lover; it is almost like evolution, slowly but steadily. I had known people who refer to music as their soul. I could never compare music to anything in the world, not to my soul or anything for that matter.

When I hear music that I love, it is like I have grown wings and travelled to the most beautiful place in the world, that feeling is so unique that its particular form could not be attained again. Not even the second time I listen to the same track, it is a different place this time only more beautiful and more rare! It could be Hotel California by Eagles or the latest Nao’s track. It just makes me equally happier. Just like how it has evolved, I have grown along with it, now ready to accept the high interludes, atrocious chorus and sometimes even high pitched reverberations. It is just the same old saying, when you start loving something, you start looking for reasons to cling on to it.

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