Self Balancing Scooters are a Celebrity Magnet

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Everyone from Chris Brown to Soulja Boy is rocking the season’s latest tech accessory: a self balancing scooter. These fun little gadgets let you scoot around just like a Segway, but without the overwhelming size and lack of eye appeal. Justin Bieber started the craze by taking to Instagram to share his exploits on his new self balancing scooter.

Keeping it Real

Jamie Foxx rolled right up on to the Tonight Show stage on his self balancing scooter, bringing the new concept out of the social media teen and young adult market and into the view of the mainstream public. Even those who are not on social media are now aware that this fun and funky new mode of travel has been invented and have seen a favorite celebrity checking it out. When Jimmy Fallon climbed on the self balancing scooter for the first time, he wobbled a bit but then was able to inch around until he became more comfortable with this new and fun transportation mode.

Celebrity Brags

Celebrities are always fighting for a piece of the public consciousness, and the self balancing scooter phenom is no different. With everyone from Wiz Khalifa, Nina Agdal, Nicki Minaj and Nick Jonas engaging their fans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine, the self balancing scooter was sure to be a huge hit. Soulja Boy even got involved by begging PhunkeeDuck for a board that he could represent for months–however, when he finally received the board it appears he decided to reverse engineer it as he almost immediately started selling a SouljaBoard.

Pick Your Poison

While nearly all of the Made-In-China boards are still very similar, there are some key differences between different brands of self balancing scooters. One difference is the way that the hubcaps look and their color, as well as the look of the wheels. Some have elaborate hubcaps on the wheels while other manufacturers have added fun and funky lights and reflective surfaces to their scooters. In order to choose one that isn’t going to fall apart you should check out some reviews to get the right scooter.

No matter the reason, celebrities have definitely decided to take the time to play around with self balancing scooters and create fun and engaging content on social media to share with their fans and friends. This publicity has really helped the concept of the self balancing scooter take off in the mainstream public, with the expectation that this will be one of the hottest toy requests for the coming season.

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