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If you ever have heard Metronomy before, you wouldn’t be surprised with their selection of songs for an album. The tracks are all bass driven, mostly have harmonies in the falsetto range and all have funky character to them. That is what makes them miles apart from the average bands that keep milling the crowd. My top favorite from this album is a track named ‘The Bay’. Oh I don’t know how they name their tracks as well, you could not think of anything better than what they have named.

A synth which is delicate as a baby is followed by reverberating drum beats. The vocalist has done a commendable job, with his voice just liquefying with the instruments. And yeah he does transport you to some other world. The chorus which is clear but acutely light and the guitar sustaining notes so often that the listener could actually melt. Lyrics are haunting and nothing goes wrong in this particular track. All it does is blow you off your feet and you cannot help but fall in love with this bass driven music! The other tracks in the album are worth listening to as well! Go ahead and enjoy some funky music now!

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